Best Corssbow Brands

  • Excalibur
  • Barnett
  • Tenpoint
  • Bear X
  • Ravin
  • Parker
  • Wicked Ridge
  • Horton
  • Axe
  • Arrow Precision
  • Killer Instinct
  • Carbon Express
  • PSE Archery
  • CenterPoint Archery
  • SA Sports
  • Diamond Archery

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Best Crossbow

Welcome to the ultimate site for crossbow reviews, where you'll be able to peruse the largest selection of the best crossbows for elk hunting in the world. Our reviews are comprehensive and in-depth, allowing you to make the most informed and educated decision when buying a bow.

Plus, we offer the best crossbow for the money on the market through our detailed reviews. So take your time reading through all of the resources available on the website. If you do, you will no doubt make a wise decision.Are you ready to finally give one of the hardest hunting strategies a try? Hunting with a crossbow can be very difficult. But it is also very rewarding when you get good at it.

But you will not get good at it unless you have the proper gear. Here at the, it is our goal to educate you in the gear that is easily available to you.

Complete Crossbow Buying Guide

Within the buying guide, we've included the following information about the bows that we've reviewed:

  • Crossbow Photos
  • Brand Name and Bow Type / Model
  • Overall Weight of The Crossbow
  • Velocity in Feet Per Second
  • Draw Weight
  • Pricing (by Range)
  • Consumer Opinion (Ratings / Reviews, up to 5 stars).

Quick note regarding the included pricing information, the hunting crossbow reviews and buyer's guide are setup as follows for your convenience: less than $100 = $; between $100 to $300 = $$; between $300 to $500 = $$$, $500 or more = $$$$.

If you can't find what you're looking for in the crossbow guide for beginners, we have added a search box to the bottom of the page that includes even more bows.

Top 5 Best Crossbow Reviews

1. Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Package

If you have been looking for crossbows on the market that are going to be a cut above the rest, then you might have noticed a few things. The majority of crossbows out there seem to be made to do a lot more than what you plan on using them for. Does this have to be a bad thing? No it doesn't. But in most cases, the crossbow with a lot of bells and whistles only serve to get in the way of the true purpose you plan on using them for. I have to say this is the best crossbow for women, because of it is very lightweight.

2. Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow

I was also looking for something I wouldn't have to be a genius in order to put together. The Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow Package seemed like the perfect fit, and this is why I chose it. When I first got this I wasn't overwhelmed at all. What I read online was exactly what I ended up getting. And you can find this is the best crossbow for beginners in 2024.

3. Wicked Ridge Warrior HL Premium Crossbow Package

How many of you out there are serious about hunting or other recreational activities that involve the use of a crossbow? You know how important it is for you to have something that's going to be reliable right?

Well when you look at a lot of the options out there they seem way too complex to use and this ends up hurting people's ability to focus. Sure, they might work well for some, but not for all. What people need is an option that will make them a better shooter no matter how much or how little previous experience they have. Obviously, this is the best crossbow for youth.

4. Wicked Ridge Invader HP Premium Crossbow Package

I'm an avid hunter and I need a crossbow that will not hinder me in any way. The crossbow I had was inferior and despite the fact that I'm pretty accurate when it comes to shooting crossbows it was beginning to hurt me. So I decided to get something different. Something I felt would not only be good, but would actually make me better. If you are searching for the best crossbow for the money, this guy you can't miss.

5. Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Kit with SMF Scope

The Excalibur Ibex SMF is a crossbow that even though it's powerful this doesn't mean it will only work for certain types of users. For instance, I'm a first time crossbow user. With this being the case I don't want something that is going to be too complex. With this particular bow all I can say is I'm very glad I decided to purchase it over the competition. One of the main reasons I chose the Excalibur Ibex SMF is because of the company that makes it.

Crossbows 101

When are Crossbows Used?

Crossbows are only used in two situations:

  • During sport shooting games where tests of accuracy are measured. Crossbow shooting is a great way to be competitive and show off a skill set that most people don't possess.
  • During hunting where silence is the key. Specifically when hunting small, fast prey, crossbows present a huge advantage in that they are silent, powerful and capable of being reloaded and fired again very quickly.

In the past, crossbows were used during warfare and many scholars view them as the bridge between the bow and arrow and modern day firearms. In fact, they can be seen as a combination of both, taking the powderless, arrow firing mechanism of the bow and combining it with the handheld, aiming action of a pistol or rifle.

What Types of Crossbows are There?

There are two main types of crossbows, each presenting a unique property and benefit:

  • The Recurve Crossbow. A recurve crossbow is the main and traditional style of crossbow on the market. By using two solid limb assemblies which are attached right onto the stock of the crossbow, a recurve is able to fire a bolt with great power by sweeping back the limbs and pulling the tips forward. This creates greater potential energy, giving you a ton of speed and power.
  • The Compound Crossbow. The more recent crossbow is called the compound crossbow. Compound crossbows resemble a compound bow (used in sport archery and hunting) in that it can either have split limbs or single limbs. A compound crossbow is heavier than a recurve bow and uses a cam system. Aside from the split and single limbs, a compound crossbow is also different from a recurve in that its limbs are much shorter, making it ideal for hunting where space is limited due to blinds and treestands.
  • Repeating Crossbow / Automatic Crossbow
  • Reverse Draw Limb Crossbow
  • Pistol Crossbow
  • Rifle Crossbow

History of the Crossbow

The crossbow played a huge role in warfare in East Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean. Before the invention of the crossbow, archers had to be specially trained and were looked upon with great revere. Archers had status and were costly to put forth on the battle field. An untrained archer was useless in war and soon cut down by a charging knight.

But with the invention of the crossbow, the battlefield was leveled. It didn't take very much training to be proficient with a crossbow because of the close aiming system. Plus, it didn't take much strength to use a crossbow because of the horizontal assembly and use of ballista technology. Add to that the fact that crossbows were cheap to make and obtain, and you can see why the addition to the crossbow on the battlefield is credited with the death of the traditional, armored knight - they simply were no match. While the handgun gets the billing as "the Great Equalizer," the crossbow before it did the same in terms of giving the common man the upper hand against the landed gentry and wealthy rulers.

How to Purchase a Crossbow?

There are a two ways that you can buy a crossbow, either at a hunting or sporting store or online. Hunting and sporting stores are a good option for those who want to get a feel for the crossbow in their hands, but typically don't offer the widest selection or the best prices on crossbows. This is because stores have to keep an inventory in stock, meaning that they have limited space to store their crossbows.

Furthermore, because these hunting and sporting goods stores have to deal with both the manufacturer and middleman as well as mark up their prices to pay their rent and turn a profit, you are overpaying for crossbows at every brick-and-mortar location you go to.

Instead, it's much cheaper, faster and easier to purchase a crossbow online. Not only can you shop from the comfort of your own home, but you also have an infinite selection right at your fingertips.

Plus, with helpful crossbow reviews, you can see what the manufacturer has to say as well as what customers are saying about the best crossbows out there. You can also compare crossbows side by side, looking at their specifications and prices to ensure you get the best crossbow for hunting possible.

In order to purchase the best crossbow, you'll want to spend some time looking through hunting crossbow reviews to find the best style, type and price on your item. Pay particular attention to the specifications, size, weight, power and customer reviews on each of the crossbow reviews you read in order to get the best crossbow possible.

To start looking through top of the line deer hunting crossbow reviews, click here right now and don't set your sights on anything less than the best crossbow!

How To Build Your Own Crossbow

If you simply want to build your own crossbow for target shooting or hog hunting, check out this post that has resources to help you make a crossbow -> "How To Make Your Own Crossbow".

Go ahead. Give it a shot (no pun intended).

But seriously, if you build your own crossbow for fishing it is going to help understand much better how they work and what makes one better from another.

You are truly on top of your game if you can make a crossbow that is high quality. Good luck!

You may also look for the best crossbow broadheads, scopes, bolts, cases, slings, and quivers, you can find them on other posts written by our experts. Last but not least, don't buy a cheap crossbow because of limited budget, it's a wrong decision.